2019-That One Time My Brand Landed in a Department Store

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2019-That One Time My Brand Landed in a Department Store

In 2019 my brand, The Talking Shirt, landed itself in the department store, Von Maur. I tell some people that and they give me a courtesy grin sensing my excitement, but not really understanding the implications of what I just told them. Other's jaws drop and give me the reaction I still don't feel comfortable accepting...a reaction of genuine excitement, wonder and amazement...I mean, I'm no one special. Yet others glaze over our conversation with a shrug and a no biggie kind of attitude. 

Late nights, scarred hands, sacrifice of time and money and health. Stress and tears and failure. Excitement, creativity, passion. All of these and more are the ingredients needed to birth a brand, a product, an idea and catapult that product to something you never thought possible. 

My passion isn't t-shirts. It's kindness. It is spreading words of kindness, positivity, inspiration, hope and love in a unique way. Our "weapon of choice", so to say, has been t-shirts. Hundreds of thousands of t-shirts that we have designed, printed, shipped all of the world. Not one of them have been snarky, rude, inappropriate. They have all been encouraging and inspiring.

Some day I'll write a long series of posts telling the whole story. It won't be nearly as inspiring as you might think, but maybe it will help someone. I promise there has been many more failures than successes and many more tears of sadness than joy. But I wouldn't change what I've learned, and if what I learned can help someone then it was worth it.

Two thousand nineteen was the year I ended up in the department store I grew up shopping and adoring. To walk down the aisle of a familiar store and see something I created with my hands and knowing it was on display and for sale in THIRTY FIVE other stores just like the one I was standing in was surreal.


I'm linking below the first time I saw my brand in the store. Like I said...it was surreal!!!



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