Kindness is Better

Kindness is Better

As a mom I want to raise kind little humans. As a human, it is hard to always be kind! It's hard to put our feelings on the back burner and to bury our pride when someone is being rotten to us, but there is one thing that always rings true. Kindness is better.

There have been many times I have regretted speaking harshly, even when the harsh words were merited. But, looking back through different seasons and circumstances of life, it was the times where I was kind when I didn't have to be or when I was kind when it wasn't expected that I feel the best about myself.

These tiny people who look at me with love and admiration and respect convict me daily to live a better life. They push me to set the example they need to see. This world is harsh and they will see enough evil. Let me teach them that "Kindness is Better". 

Kindness is better than eye rolling the authority figure.

Kindness is better than ignoring the new girl.

Kindness is better than slamming the door in anger.

Kindness is better than being impatient with your sister.

Kindness is better than a short fuse with a friend.

Kindness is better than offending and insulting.

Kindness is better than putting yourself first.

Kindness is's just better. 



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