"School Tees" Collection

"School Tees" Collection

I'm definitely NOT ready to have my girlies head back to school.  BUT it's not too early to start some fun back to school shopping!  We designed a line that we are calling "School Tees" and we are super excited about it.  Some tees are specifically for back to school, but most of them can be worn year round!  


One my favorite for this collection is "School Game On Point".  It's super clever with a trendy twist.


Then I really like our "A+" tee.  My Chloe works really hard for her grades and she ALWAYS gets an A+ in MY book for trying her absolute hardest.  That was the inspiration behind this tee.  School isn't super easy for everyone, but trying your hardest is what is the most important part!  As a mommy, I find myself wanting to put my girls in a bubble and protect them from every hurt and disappointment.  But, at the same time, I know hurt and disappointment aid in shaping my girls to be the strong, independent girls that I pray they become.  I want this tee to be an encouragement to students out there to set goals and try your hardest to reach them.  If your paper doesn't say "A+" in the end, it's important to know that you put forth "A+" quality effort.

There are 17 other awesome tees from our "School Tees" Collection and are all up on the website now.  If you want to try and snatch up a deal, they will be on Zulily tomorrow. (I'll post a link when they go live)  They WILL be limited quantities available for this event so make sure to shop early!

Meanwhile, here's the link to our newest collection!



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